Trusted Professionals Rehabilitation Group (TPRG)

What does it mean to be Trusted?

Each member has earned the ‘Trusted’ designation after careful vetting by your HealthCare Victoria Team.

This unique group of practitioners come together with the specialized skill sets to help you recover from accident, injury or illness. They work individually or in collaboration with other members to develop the best care plan possible for you.

If you have been in an accident, the TPRG also receives education on how best to guide you through your injury claims. Rory Lambert, personal injury lawyer, advocates on behalf of his clients who require healthcare services on their road to recovery and brings his valuable skill set to the group.

Connect with a member of our Trusted Professionals Rehab Group and benefit from the knowledge and services of the entire team.

Our current Trusted Team

All Care Family Chiropractic and MassageCynthia Schmidtke is a Client Manager and contact for All Care Family Chiropractic and Massage & West Shore Wellness Locations: All Care - 101-784 Goldstream Ave., Langford Westshore Wellness - 385 Lagoon Rd., Colwood
Amy Sullivan-Turnbull
Well - Being Massage
Amy Sullivan-Turnbull is a Registered Massage Therapist who offers mobile massage and treats various conditions such as whiplash, low back pain, and Fibromyalgia. Location: Well-Being Massage, 790 Middleton St., Saanich
Brian Lim
Coastal Active Health
Key services: Diversified technique and activator, Extremity manipulation, Soft tissue techniques, Patient education, Rehabilitation, Orthotics, Whiplash injury treatment

Brian provides spinal (Diversified Technique and Activator) and extremity manipulation in conjunction with a variety of soft tissue techniques (myofascial release, trigger point therapy, muscle stripping), along with patient education and rehabilitation exercise. Location: Sidney Chiropractic and Massage Therapy, 3 - 9764 Fifth St., Sidney
Darwyn Rowland
Cedar Creek Health
Key services: Hellerwork, Misalignment and imbalance correction, Connective tissue problems, Deep massage

Darwyn is a Hellerwork practitioner and Myofascial specialist, primarily focusing on the Hellerwork system. His treatment involves deep massage geared to improve the body's flexibility, range of motion, alignment and efficiency, as well as working on the source of misalignment and imbalance with a focus on connective tissue problems. Location: Cedar Creek Health, 402 Viaduct Ave. W., Saanich
David Arnold
Pan Health Center
Key Services: Digestive diseases, Arthritis, Anxiety, Injuries & pain

David Arnold is a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine as well as a Classical Homeopath. He has the ability to treat each client with the best medicine: acupuncture, herbs or homeopathic medicine. He has special interest in treating pain, from injury, overuse, migraines, arthritis, digestive or autoimmune disease. Location: Pan Health Center, 1620 Government St., Victoria (Downtown)
Frank McDiarmid
Quadra Chiropractic
Key services: Expert witness in crash reconstruction, Advanced certification in spinal research, Whiplash injury treatment, Biomechanics, Injury trauma

Frank is certified in Crash Reconstruction and has Advanced Certification in Whiplash Biomechanics. He has been formally trained in crash related biomechanics and crash reconstruction, allowing him to qualify as an expert in BC Supreme Court to testify about all aspects of collision related injuries, beyond just the injuries themselves. Location: Quadra Chiropractic, 2602 Quadra St., Victoria (Downtown)
Gerry Illmayer
Foul Bay Orthopaedic Physiotherapist Corp.
Key services: Chronic spinal & pain disorders, Whiplash associated disorders, Aquired brain injury

Gerry is a registered instructor for the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. He has special interest in the treatment of chronic spinal pain disorders with emphasis on whiplash disorders. Location: Foul Bay Orthopaedic Physiotherapist Corp, 220-1964 Fort St., Oak Bay
Ian Catchpole
Foul Bay Orthopaedic Physiotherapist Corp.
Key services: Gun intra-muscular stimulation (GunnIMS), Manual therapy, Manipulative therapy, Manipulation, NASM corrective exercise specialist

Ian has extensive experience working with academy soccer players and professional athletes. As a certified NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Ian has special interest in working with clients who present with a variety of musculoskeletal dysfunction, helping them to return back to work, sport and functional activity. Location: Foul Bay Orthopaedic Physiotherapist Corp., 220-1964 Fort St., Oak Bay
James Elder
Elder Chiropractic
Key Services: Laser therapy, Graston technique, Impulse adjusting, MedX low level

James is a a certified provider of Graston Techniques with special focus on providing relief from sports related injuries, migraines and headaches, bursitis and tendonitis, lower back pain, stress and insomnia. He also offers care and treatment for sciatica and torticollis and intercostal pain. Location: Elder Chiropractic, 1116 Blanshard St., Victoria (Downtown)
Jessica Black
HealthCare Victoria
Jessica Black is Operations Director at HealthCare Victoria and TPRG.
Jonathan Simpson
The Back Doctors Wellness Clinic
Key Services: Human anatomy, Spinal anatomy, X-ray analysis, Patient care in outpatient clinic

Using techniques such as active release techniques, drop-table adjustment, drop-table adjustment, myofascial release, and trigger point release, Jonathan promotes proper, balanced movement to aid in healing from injuries such as motor vehicle incidents. He prescribes and encourages home stretching and condition to facilitate the healing process. Location: The Back Doctors, 3180 Harriet Rd., Saanich
Judith Edwards
Aquamarine Transformational Healing
Key Services: Resolving the Emotional Impact of Injury. Judith Edwards works with co-therapist James Edwards. Clients experience the support of two therapists at all times. They are Emotion Resolution Specialists and have designed and developed a unique and effective approach they call Integrated Emotion Release. Their approach combines clinical psychotherapy as well as a variety of energy therapies in a multi-faceted physical, mental, emotional and spiritual framework. Both Judith and James are experienced therapists and presenters, trained in a number of therapies, specializing in SomatoEmotional Release, with over 20 years of experience. Their proven effectiveness efficiently addresses trauma, loss and grief. James and Judith successfully work with discouraged clients and those who have had difficulty speaking and/or explaining themselves. Location: Aquamarine Transformational Healing, 402-1011 Fort St., Victoria (Downtown)
Lynn Chenier
Satori Health & Wellness Coaching Ltd.
Key Services: offers Mindfulness Coaching, Health Consulting, Reiki, Life Transitions, Relationship Issues and Communication, Rehabilitation Services, Meditation, Mantra Healing and Women's Health in Victoria. Location: Satori Health & Wellness Coaching Ltd., call for location She is the Director of Satori Health & Wellness Coaching, a Strategic Intervention practice that serves clients who have experienced a "Personal Injury", and have unfinished business to attend to. Satori's programs are for those searching for a greater sense of Purpose and Significance in their life. One may have been involved in a lengthy legal dispute, suffered a major personal loss, or someone who has dealt with a lengthy trauma or illness.
Mark Smith
Progressive Chiropractic
Key services: Spinal video x-ray, Thermography tracking, Drop table, Trigger point, Extremity points

Mark uses a technology-driven approach to analyze and correct spinal issues using video motion x-ray (videofluoroscopy), to see the spine in motion and identify spinal issues, thermal scanning of the back to track patient progress, and drop-table and electronic instrument adjusting to correct issues identified. Location: Progressive Chiropractic, 207-1595 McKenzie Ave., Saanich
Marlin Wilson
Wilson Acupuncture Victoria
Key services: Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Tui na, Dietary therapy, Laser acupuncture

Marlin's methodology is guided by his desire to help people heal using humor, music, compassion and solid health concepts. He offer several treatment methods for individuals seeking help for personal injury, back pain migraines, stroke recovery, fertility, and muscle aches. Location: Wilson Acupuncture Victoria, 11-532 1/2 Fisgard St., Victoria (Downtown)
Matthew Kittleson
UC Life Chiropractic Centre
Key services: Upper cervical chiropractic, NUCCA technique

As an Upper Cervical Chiropractor, Matthew offers treatment specifically focusing on the top two vertebral bones of the spine, correcting misalignment, and removing pressure from the brain stem and nervous system. When misalignment in the Upper Cervical spine is corrected, the nervous system can once again communicate with the body. With communication restored, the body is able to recognize and fix problems more effectively and prevent illness in the future. Conditions treated include epilepsy headaches, migraines, athletic injuries, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, neck pain, neuralgia and more. Location: UC Life Chiropractic Centre, 1-1113 Langley St., Victoria (Downtown)
Michael Buna
Health 4 Life Centre
Key services: Treatment for vehicle collision injuries, Frozen shoulder, Rehab pilaties, Orthotics

Michael has a special interest in motor vehicle collision victims, whiplash injury treatment, and imaging. He also offers a technique for treating frozen shoulder and shoulder impingement. Location: Health 4 Life, 3520 Quadra St., Saanich
Michael Maxwell
Total Body Chiropractic & Sports Therapy
Key Services: Strength and conditioning specialist, Kinesiologist, Sports injuries, Movement-based care, Soft tissue manipulations

Michael sees patients for acute injuries and chronic or degenerative conditions. He has special interest and knowledge in sports and athletic injuries, and movement-based care optimal health and performance. Location: Total Body Chiropractic & Sports Therapy, 888 Short St., Saanich
Mike Newberry
The Back Doctors Wellness Clinic
Key services: Chronic nerve system disorders, Accidental injuries, Sports injuries

Mike has a keen interest in the prevention and treatment of chronic nerve system disorders using a variety of treatment modalities including The Pettibon System and the Thompson Technique as well as providing comprehensive patient education. Location: The Back Doctors, 3180 Harriet Rd., Saanich
Parkway Physiotherapy and Performance Centre - Happy ValleyKey services: Orthopaedic Rehab, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Kinesiology, Psychology, Acupuncture, Orthotics

At Parkway Physiotherapy we believe in keeping people active through appropriate, evidence-based rehabilitative exercise, education and manual therapy. Location: Parkway Physiotherapy and Performance Centre, 2655 Sooke Rd., Langford, BC
Peter Quinn
Saanich Centre Chiropractic
Key services: Chronic pain from car crashes, Sports and workplace injuries, Supportive and preventative caree, Active release technique (ART)

Peter provides care for acute and chronic pain and other symptoms caused by car accidents, sports and workplace injuries and preventative care from daily stresses and repetitive strains. Location: Saanich Centre Chiropractic, 313-3995 Quadra St., Saanich
Richard Kjaer
Dr. Richard Kjaer Family Chiropractor
Key services: Low back pain, Neck pain, Headache, Car accident recovery

Richard treats many patients with low back pain, neck pain, headaches and to recover from car accidents. He offers chiropractic, exercise rehabilitation, massage, nutritional supplementation and physical therapy. Location: Dr. Richard Kjaer Family Chiropractor, 206-3994 Shelbourne St., Saanich
Rory Lambert
Lambert Law
Rory Lambert is a lawyer in the Victoria Area. Location: Lambert Law, 200-710 Redbrick St., Victoria (Downtown)
Ross McFadyen
Therapeutic Edge Physiotherapy
Key services: Orthopaedic manual therapy, Medical acupuncture, Individual or complex joint,muscle and movement disorders

Ross has special interest in assessing and treating individual or complex joint, muscle and movements disorders, using orthopaedic manual therapy and medical acupuncture. Location: Therapeutic Edge Physiotherapy, 16-1120 Yates St., Victoria (Downtown)
Stan Marcus
SpineCare Chiropractic
Key services: Spinal/nervous system health information and care, Manual adjustments

Stan has a keen interest in providing drug-free, natural health and wellness to his patients. He focuses on spinal/nervous system health education and care to patients. He provides computerized spinal nerve analysis, health lectures for family, public and workplace, and sport injury treatments. Location: Spinecare Chiropractic, 7139-A West Saanich Rd., Saanich
Vitality Treatment CentreKey services: Registered Massage Therapy, Manual lymph drainage, Scar tissue release, Myofascial release, Cupping, Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral therapy, Acupuncture, Electro-acupuncture

Vitality is a team of Registered Massage Therapists & Registered Acupuncturists located near Royal Jubilee Hospital, 302-1842 Oak Bay Ave, Oak Bay
Westshore Wellness and ChiropracticWe are a multi-disciplinary health care office offering chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, cupping, reflexology, orthotic, and infra-red sauna Location: 385 Lagoon Rd, Colwood