The HealthCare Victoria Community

We are fortunate here on Vancouver Island to have a large population interested in the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle. This interest has led to a concentration of talented people who have developed specialized skills in natural healthcare therapies that can serve to promote your recovery from injuries as well as help you maintain optimum health.

How Did HealthCare Victoria Begin?

RORY LAMBERT - A Trusted Member of Our Community

Healthcare Victoria emerged from Rory Lambert’s work to help his clients recover their health and well being by connecting them with the natural healthcare therapists in our community. Rory's devotion to advocating on behalf of others, combined with over 25 years of marked success with personal injury law inspired HealthCare Victoria.

The HealthCare Victoria philosophy is founded on helping natural healthcare therapies become acknowledged and accepted in the fields of law and by the insurance industry.

Evolution of HealthCare Victoria

HealthCare Victoria has grown from an online directory to a vital community resource, providing practitioner spotlights, captivating health blogs and innovative live events. We empower members of the community to connect, learn and heal.


Rory practices in the area of litigation, with a special interest in personal injury and complex litigation matters. Rory spearheads many of the firms complex personal injury lawsuits and has numerous awards. In pursuit of treatments to assist in his clients recoveries, Rory has the opportunity to work closely with many of Victoria's healthcare professionals.

If you have a legal question or a comment about Healthcare Victoria you can locate Rory at Lambert Law in Victoria.

200-710 Redbrick St.
Victoria, BC V8T 5J3
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  • Slip and Fall
  • Wills and Estate Planning
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Personal Note

My name is Rory Lambert and I am a personal injury lawyer who has lived and worked in Victoria, British Columbia for more than 25 years.

The concept of Healthcare Victoria grew from my own particular interests in natural health therapies and the major benefits the I have personally derived from the various forms of medical treatment of this nature.

As an active athlete and as a person who has been injured in car accidents, I have had to learn for myself over the years about making the right treatment choices to maximize my health. In addition, as a lawyer who practices in the area of personal injury law, I have worked with numerous clients who required healthcare services to aid in their recovery, but had little understanding of the types of treatments that were available to them or the practitioners who provided these treatments in their area.

Throughout my career in Victoria, I have had the privilege of meeting numerous talented, devoted healthcare practitioners who are passionate about maximizing the recovery and long-term health of their patients. Through Healthcare Victoria, I will feature these professionals and in turn provide the community with a valuable healthcare resource. I hope you find this site useful and may it even serve as a starting point on your road to good health!


Rory Lambert