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 Evelyn Andrews-Greene CPA CA, Professional Wellness Advisor/Coach (Owner)

Evelyn J Andrews-Greene


Professional Wellness Advisor/Coach (Owner)

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Evelyn Andrews-Greene is a Professional Wellness Advisor/Coach (Owner) who offers Holistic Accounting, Personal Training, Counselling, Fitness Assessments, Creative Activity, Coaching, Psychology and Lifestyle Counselling in Victoria (Downtown), British Columbia.

I operate out of a beautiful commercial storefront professional practice in downtown Victoria. My professional business motto: "Helping YOU To Turn YOUR Dreams Into Reality" ( .

My professional perspective is unique, combining my 42 years as a Chartered Accountant with my B.A. Psychology leanings and spiritual perspectives of love and compassion. I have worked and lived exclusively here in Greater Victoria since 1977; I have been (& am) very active within our local community, particularly within the environmental, social justice and humanitarian areas. 

I'm deeply committed to provide the highest level of comprehensive, proactive professional advise -- to small business owners/managers and individuals -- within a wide range of strategic, business, financial, Canadian income tax, and "Life Themes" areas. In addition, I bring my unique blend of creative, strategic, and motivational skills, helping and supporting YOU to do your very best to achieve YOUR "Life Themes" -- in the most-overall-cost-effective-to-YOU manner, within the social factors and "left turns" that the Universe has provided to you:) 

I won the annual Vancouver Island Professional Company of the Year Business Excellence Award in four separate years, I am also very active within our Greater Victoria communities. Current/ past volunteering include: Bridges Employment Training Society for Women (for women from abusive pasts), Kwunew Kwasun Cultural Resource Centre (Malahat First Nation), Sierra Club and Greenpeace Foundation, Institute of International Bio-energectics, and I've recently joined the Victoria Holistic Network of local holistic professional practitioners.

Victoria (Downtown)
A - 711 Broughton St.
Victoria, BC V8W 1E2
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“Please check our website:  Generally, (a) March and April Extended Business Hours:  Mon – Fri 8 am – 4 pm and Sat 9 am –noon and (b) rest of the year Tues/Wed/Thurs 8 am – 4 pm.”


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