Zero Balancing

Zero balancing is a therapy that integrates the overall structure and function of the bones, joints and soft tissues and the fundamental energy of the body.   Dr. Fritz Smith a medical doctor, osteopath, and acupuncturist in the 1960’s used therapies such as Rolfing and The Feldenkrais Method in his daily practice.  One day after a treatment a client remarked that she “felt like she was zero balanced”.   Dr Smith thought this appropriately described the client’s experience and he immediately chose it for the name of his new technique.   He felt the therapy brought “a person to the zero point of physical and psycho-spiritual balance”.  A key component to zero balancing is the idea that memory and experience (old conditioning or teaching) can be held in the body.  According to Dr. Smith “releasing non-functional information from this level can be life-changing.” 

A typical session can last about 45 minutes and includes an initial consultation with the client regarding physical history and specific body conditions of concern.  The practitioner uses finger pressure and works on “fulcrums’ or tension-held fields of the body.  Clients usually feel very relaxed after a session.  Some report a feeling of wholeness, a deep peace and restoration.

Benefits of zero balancing include but are not limited to:  sleep disorders, neck and back pain, assists with personal life changes, anxiety and depression.

Specific Techniques


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