Yoga Pilates

Yoga Pilates combines the body awareness and postures of yoga with the core strengthening of Pilates.  It is also called Yogalates or Yoga Pilates Fusion. 

Yoga involves the physical (body postures and breathing), mental and spiritual (meditation).  The word 'yoga' is based on the Sanskrit word 'yunakti' meaning to yoke or join.    Pilates is a physical conditioning system involving stretching and low impact exercises with the main focus on body core stability.   The objective is to lengthen, strengthen and define muscles.   Yogalates brings the two systems together.  Yoga postures or asanas are done with a view to building stamina, core strength, and flexibility.  As well attention is paid to breathing and meditation.  Blocks, bands, weights and other equipment are also used to build core strength and stability.

Yogalates was developed in the 1990’s by Louise Solomon, a native of Australia, who is trained in both yoga and Pilates.    Solomon took notice of the number of people in yoga classes who were dealing with injuries and began to put together an exercise regime which emphasized safety, was accessible to a wide range of users, and was based on sound exercise physiology and functional movement. 

The benefits of Yogalates include:  relief from back pain, relaxation, menstrual relief, improved muscle tone, weight loss, increased strength, flexibility.


Specific Techniques


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