Upper Cervical Technique

When the head’s center of gravity is sitting naturally on top of the spine, normal inputs from the eyes, ears, and joint and muscle receptors in the neck produce normal curvatures, alignment and movement throughout the entire spine.  When the head-neck junction becomes misaligned, from a variety of reasons such as a fall, sports injury, or prolonged poor posture, the misaligned spine will not longer be able to support and maintain health in the body.  Abnormal function results and the structure of the body will break down. 

Upper Cervical Technique is a highly specialized procedure designed to restore and maintain proper alignment of the spine by aligning the head on top of the upper neck.   

A trained Upper Cervical Chiropractor uses non-invasive diagnostic tests to assess when the head-neck junction is out of alignment and when it has been corrected.  Correction is specific, gentle and does not involve twisting or sudden jerking of the neck.

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