Canadian Chiropractor, Dr. Allan Oolo Austin began developing Trigenics in the 1980’s.   Dr. Austin later combined his soft tissue rehabilitation, acupuncture/acupressure and breathing therapy with new understanding of functional neurology.    He further developed a system of assessment and treatment using medical acupuncture to be used in combination with Trigenics.  This is referred to as Trigenics Myomeridian Medicine.  He patented his system in Los Angeles in 1994.

Injured or stressed muscles stop sending proper nerve reflex signals to the brain.  When this occurs, the muscles become neurologically weak and joint movement is impaired.  This is called “neurological inhibition” or “NI.”  This condition can lead to pain and injury.

Trigenics combines 3 treatment techniques: resistive exercise neurology, muscle nerve-sensor stimulation and biofeedback breathing.  As the practitioner treats the muscle nerve-sensors, the patient practises breathing exercises and specific movements.  This combination provides multiple signals (amplitude summation), to the lower brain.  The brain then increases or decreases nerve signal output.  Immediately joint and muscle function are improved and pain is decreased. 

Trigenics is practised by doctors or therapists licensed to practise as Registered Trigenics Practitioners (RTP).

Specific Techniques


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