Treatment for Skin Disorders

There are a wide variety of skin disorders.  Some disorders may be a sign of underlying illness, so proper diagnosis is very important to ensure they are properly treated.   Skin disorders relate to the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin.  Typically they are bacterial, fungal or viral.  They can also be a sign of an imbalance in the system.  Common skin disorders include acne, dermatitis, dry skin, psoriasis, eczema and fungal infections.

Diet, genetics, hormones, immune system, and stress are all triggers for a wide range of skin disorders.  A natural healthcare practitioner will look at your overall health and treat skin disorders holistically.  Natural treatments are a safe alternative to over-the-counter or prescription medications.

Underlying medical causes for skin disorders can include liver disease, diabetes, lupus, stress, obesity and heart disease.  These diseases require immediate medical attention. Skin is the largest organ in the body, therefore any disease that affects the body, will reflect on the skin.  Diabetes is a good example.  Untreated diabetes will manifest on the skin in the form of infections, gangrene, nerve damage in the feet causing sores, and brown spots or scars on the shins.

If you are concerned about a skin disorder, consult your healthcare practitioner for accurate diagnosis and treatment.  Naturopathic physicians are qualified to recognize and treat a wide range of these disorders.

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