Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Trauma Sensitive Yoga refers to yoga which is focused on dealing with trauma conditions with the objectives of stress reduction, enhanced quality of life and improved emotional wellness.   Trauma is based on the Greek root word which means ‘wound’.    It can be experienced as physical injury and psychological pain or injury.  A trauma survivor can feel disconnected from his or her body.  He or she can be hypersensitive about personal security, fearful, stressed, and susceptible to shifts in mood.

Yoga by its very nature is an activity and a process that is based on body awareness.  A traumatic experience can rob a person of the feeling of being at peace.  Yoga postures, rhythmic movement, focused breathing, and meditation can affect the autonomic system is a positive and beneficial way.  Yoga can reduce blood pressure and tension in the muscles.   It can provide an opportunity to re-connect to body movement and feeling and ultimately to body acceptance.  Also, yoga is non-verbal and this is an important component in the healing process.   Trauma can lead to a person shutting down verbally and not wanting to express feelings.  Yoga allows a person the chance to regain control over the body, to calm down, and to express themselves.


Specific Techniques


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