Touch for Health™

Touch for Health™ (TFH) is a system of kinesiology developed in the 1970’s by John F. Thie, DC. It is the most widely used system of Kinesiology in the world and is recognized as a healing modality and a key component in the development of Energy Medicine, Energy Kinesiology and Brain Gym.

TFH™ works by identifying muscle imbalances that disrupt the body’s energy system, which can lead to problems such as stress, injury, nutritional problems and learning disorders.

Using muscle monitoring and testing, TFH™ rebalances the acupuncture meridians with a variety of simple, effective and non-invasive methods.

    Benefits of Touch for Health™ Kinesiology include:

    • Pain reduction techniques
    • Healing of muscle injuries
    • Enhanced sports performance
    • Healing of physical and emotional stress
    • Identifying nutritional excesses or deficiencies

    TFH is gentle, non-invasive and suitable for people of all ages.

    For more information on Touch for Health™, contact a registered kinesiologist in your area.

Specific Techniques


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