Torque Release Technique

Torque release technique (TRT) is a patented chiropractic method that uses a hand held instrument called the Integrator.  The Integrator delivers an adjustment to the spine with a low-force impulse.

When the spine is misaligned (subluxation) nerve function is disrupted and the nervous system is stressed.  This can result in immune deficiencies, musculoskeletal stresses, and internal organ problems. 

TRT releases the stresses in the nervous system by delivering tonal adjustments to normalize the tone of the nervous system. Similar to hands-on treatment, TRT is precise and uses much less force.  The Integrator sends a specific frequency into the nerve endings of the spinal column at the site of irritation, correcting the subluxation.

Torque release technique is safe for all ages, including infants and children.  It is an extremely gentle technique with no forceful manipulations.  People often report a sense of well-being and lightness after a TRT adjustment.  

For more information on this therapy, ask your Chiropractor about the benefits of torque release technique.

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