Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga is a gentle and effective way to bring the body into balance and reduce stress. The yogic postures focus on mental and physical conditions, posture, breath work, and meditation.

Therapeutic yoga traces its roots back to yoga master T. Krishnamacharya, an accomplished yoga instructor and physician of Ayurvedic medicine from southern India. His adapted yoga practises and refusal to standardize the practice and teaching methodology revived yoga in the early twentieth century. This revolutionized yoga and made it practical and relevant in today’s world.

Today therapeutic yoga practitioners work in small groups or private sessions in order to address specific health problems and adapt poses to individual needs. It is a particularly helpful technique for those living with or recovering from injury or illness.  

The therapeutic yoga practitioner determines the individual’s needs and goals by taking into account physical assessment, posture, breath, movement and non-verbal communication. This highly adaptive therapy can accommodate all ages and abilities. Adaptive poses can be used for individuals in wheelchairs and those with sports injuries.  Those managing symptoms of cancer treatment, HIV symptoms, anxiety, depression and stress also find this gentle mind – body therapy very beneficial.

Talk to a certified therapeutic yoga instructor for more information on adaptive treatment plans for your type of injury or health issue.


Specific Techniques


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