The BackFit™ System

The Back Fit TM  System brings together four areas of treatment including spinal alignment therapy, spinal disk therapy, strengthening of the core and replenishing essential spinal nutrients.

Spinal alignment therapy:  Beginning with a slow thorough warm-up, the practitioner will then use mobilization techniques, soft tissue work and specific stretches.  Finally the client will be taught exercises to hold the treatment and continue the healing & strengthening.

Spinal disk therapy:  Spinal decompression is used to deal with spinal disk issues such as herniated discs, bulging discs, sciatica and spinal arthritis.  It is a non-surgical treatment using a specialized table operated through a computerized program which decompresses the spine or more specifically gently separates the vertebrae from one another.   This creates a vacuum or negative intradiscal pressure.  The disc can retract, blood flow, oxygen and nutrients can rehydrate the disc and promote healing of the injury.

Core strengthening:  Any body movement originates and moves through the core muscles of the body.  When these muscles are impaired or weakened, movement is impaired.  A program to strengthen the core will improve stability and balance and ultimately will lead to more optimum health.

Spinal nutrient replenishment:  Good nutrition affects the health of the spine.   It affects injury, pain, and recovery time.  The Back Fit TM  System includes a detailed nutrition program for the client. 

Benefits of The Back Fit TM  System can include but are not limited to:  back and neck pain, herniated disc, sciatica, chronic headaches and pain.


Specific Techniques


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