Stott Pilates

Stott Pilates® refers to a form of Pilates that is based on the original Pilates developed by Joseph Pilates but has been further refined to reflect current rehabilitation and exercise science principles. Stott Pilates® includes more exercises which focus on stabilizing the pelvis and shoulder girdle.  It is not just Pilates for elite athletes or professional performers.  It is meant for more mainstream and can be used by those recovering from injury or surgery, pre or post natal, and those dealing with chronic conditions.  Stott Pilates® includes a warm-up for the releasing neck and back pressure and uses a neutral spine rather than a flat back.

There are 5 basic principles of Stott Pilates®:

  • Head & neck placement: should follow natural curve of the spine
  • Scapular stabilization: stabilize the shoulder blades
  • Ribcage placement: when lying, should be stabilized on the floor but not  forced or pushed
  • Pelvic position: following curve of the spine – when lying on floor, lower  back is not pressed into the floor but neutral – when  raising feet, lower back is moving towards floor
  • Breathing: relaxed and full breathing

Lindsay and Moira Merrithew are the key founders of Stott Pilates®.  Lindsay holds a Commerce degree from Dalhousie and is a graduate of Juilliard School; Moira was a principal dancer with the City Ballet of Toronto and received her certification in Pilates at the studio which was originally founded by Joseph Pilates.   The husband & wife team have worked with various professionals in sports medicine, fitness and physical therapy to develop a Pilates conditioning system that promotes safety and efficiency for a wide user base.

In addition to the Pilates approach, their company also manufactures and distributes Pilates equipment, training material and DVD’s as well as teaching guides and materials.  Moira Merrithew is the program director for the Stott Pilates® Studio in Toronto, Ontario.

The benefits of Stott Pilates® include:  improved posture, enhanced body awareness, injury prevention, rebalancing muscles around joints, enhanced flexibility and core strength.


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