Spinal Alignment Therapy

Generally speaking, optimal spinal alignment leads to the least amount of pain and strain of the musculoskeletal system.   But daily activities and/or poor body mechanics can lead to stress on the spine, discomfort and injury.  There are many approaches to treating such alignment issues including chiropractic, massage therapy, Feldenkrais Method, yoga, tai chi, pilates, and other therapies.

Spinal alignment therapy is one of several services provided to a client to assist with spine rehabilitation.  The word ‘alignment’ comes from the French root word ‘alignement’ and refers to the process of adjusting parts so that they are in a relative proper position. 

Spinal alignment therapy includes a three part process. First of all, a patient will be guided through a slow and thorough warm up program to loosen tight muscles and areas which are injured. Secondly, the practitioner will do soft tissue work, stretches that focus on the spine and mobilisation to restore optimal range of motion.  Lastly, the patient is guided through a post treatment exercise program to maintain the treatment done and to enable clients to continue in the path to good spinal health.           

Spinal alignment therapy sessions take approximately 30 minutes.

Specific Techniques


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