Specialized Kinesiology

Specialized kinesiology is a branch of kinesiology that looks at the mind and body as a whole, and finds and treats the cause, not the symptom. For example, if a person hurts their leg, they will compensate for the pain by using the other leg. Greater stress and muscle use is put on the other leg and consequently, changes in posture may occur. Ultimately, the person may present with a back problem, when the problem actually occurred with the leg.

When the body is not “in balance,” the specialized kinesiologist uses muscle testing to detect imbalances and restore harmony.

Drawing from over 50 different models of kinesiology, specialized kinesiology uses muscle testing as a biofeedback technique to determine problems causing disharmony in the body, spirit or mind.

Acupuncture meridians and somatic reflexes are also used in correction procedures. Imbalances in any of these systems can cause muscle weakness.

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Specific Techniques


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