Somatic Healing

Somatic healing is a trademark form of hypnosis used as an adjunct therapy for the treatment of injury, trauma, pain and disease.   Color healing, guided imagery, hypnotic movement, energy healing, inner child work, and accessing the inner healer to perform psychic surgery are all used in this hypnotherapy.   

As a complimentary therapy, somatic healing can assist in easing suffering.  Many diseases have a psychological component: allergies, migraines, immune system disorders, cancer and more.  When illness is a direct result of trauma, emotional blocks and physical trauma can lodge in the tissues and organs of the body and cause illness.

Hypnotists believe that the mind-body connection is responsible for the operation of every organ in the body, for example, our subconscious mind controls our respiration, immune system, digestion, etc.    This mind-body connection is open to influence.  Hypnosis can change how the mind represents pain and help clients adjust in relation to the illness, improving the quality of life.  Somatic healing also offers ways to enhance the body’s own natural healing resources.  

Somatic healing was developed by David Quigley and Nick Ardagh of the Alchemy Institute, in Santa Rosa California.  Certified hypnotherapists and therapists who have taken the somatic healing course are available to discuss what somatic healing can offer you.

Specific Techniques


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