Soft Tissue Release

Soft tissue release is a recognized sports massage technique to address muscle injury, imbalance and to reduce pain. It involves applying pressure to the muscle while it’s being stretched. The client is actively involved in the process and is not just laying prone receiving massage. The pressure movement sends signals to the nervous system and re-educates the muscles to return to normal state.

Injury can create restrictive scar tissue which can restrict muscle movement and lead to significant pain. Normally when a muscle is stretched the nervous system automatically initiates a message to protect from overstretching. This is the stretch reflex. A therapist trained in soft tissue release will use the correct amount of pressure and tension to bring about release without activating the stretch reflex which would tighten up the muscle and cause further injury.

Soft tissue release can improve recovery time and significantly reduce pain, realign muscles, restore balance, aid posture and increase joint mobilization. It is particularly beneficial for athletic performance.  Specific conditions for which soft tissue release can be beneficial include: tennis elbow, tendonitis, rotator cuff issues, sports-related injuries.

Look to registered massage therapists trained in soft tissue release for information and treatment.

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