Relaxation and Visualization

Relaxation and visualization are two separate techniques that are commonly combined to provide a powerful therapy. The techniques taught are effective tools in fighting stress, are easy to learn and can be practiced anywhere.

Relaxation techniques generally involve turning your attention inward and focusing on something calming.

For example, tensing and releasing muscles is used to relax muscles while focusing on relaxing thoughts.

Visualization uses conscious imagination and incorporates as many senses as possible. Using sight, smell, sound and touch, you use positive imagines to create a positive and calming situation or place.

For individuals who have difficulty relaxing, therapists will use guided imagery to conjure up peaceful images.

Relaxation and visualization techniques are safe for all ages.

    Some of the many benefits of relaxation and visualization include:

    • Lowering blood pressure
    • Slowing the heart rate
    • Reducing stress hormones
    • Improving concentration
    • Lessening fatigue
    • Raising confidence

    For more information on these powerful and effective techniques, consult a qualified complementary healthcare practitioner in your area.

Specific Techniques


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