PSYCH-K® is a psychological technique that communicates with the subconscious mind to identify and change beliefs that limit one’s full potential. Your subconscious beliefs can limit even your best intentions, for example, your relationships, self-esteem, weight loss, and job performance. This technique has the ability to transform negative, bad habits into positive, good habits.

In 1988, Rob Williams created PSYCH-K® because of his annoyance and frustration with conventional counselling techniques. Williams wanted to create a technique that limited relying on insight, and focus on long-term change. PSYCH-K® is a combination of contemporary and ancient techniques which now have the ability of making long term changes quickly.

The basis of PSYCH-K® is from the split-brain research, also known as brain dominance theory. This research identifies that the right hemisphere has different functions than the left hemisphere. Additionally, that each hemisphere had its own perception, emotions, thoughts, and memories unknown by the other hemisphere. From this, PSYCH-K® works on increasing the cross-talk between each hemisphere to create a “whole-brain state” which leads to a reduced resistance to change in the subconscious level.

A PSYCH-K® session is an interactive process that confirms change through muscle testing. The number of beliefs to be addressed are dependent on each individual, and in many sessions more than one belief is able to be changed. However, some goals and issues have multiple elements, therefore resulting in the need for additional sessions. Many people will feel the change immediately after a session and then a continuous change over the next few weeks.

Certified PSYCH-K® psychologists are available to provide information and treatment options for those interested in learning more.

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