Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is a discipline of yoga geared specifically for women who are pregnant.  ‘Prenatal’ is the period of time before birth, based the Latin root words ‘prae’ meaning before and ‘natalis’ meaning relating to birth.  It is a time of significant change for women in body, mind and spirit.   Hormones are fluctuating and the growing baby within causes many physiological changes.  Yoga embraces physical postures and rhythmic breathing which can enable women to cope better both with the pregnancy as well as with the labour, birth and postnatal experience.

There are many yoga poses that can strengthen and tone muscles, enhance flexibility and endurance or improve spinal alignment.  Others can offer relief for specific issues such as varicose veins, heartburn, headaches, difficulty in sleeping, anxiety, tension, and discomfort.   Specific yoga poses can support and prepare the body for labour, can alleviate back pain or bring support to the pelvis. 

Yoga breathing techniques are also beneficial for women who are pregnant.  Good oxygen flow to the baby is vital and so good effective breathing is important.   Oxygen is taken to cleanse and nourish; waste products (carbon dioxide) are exhaled from the body.  Specific ways of breathing can help relieve tension in pregnancy as well as in the birth process.

Pregnant women should check with their physicians before beginning any prenatal yoga program.   A typical class will last about 1 hour.  

Specific Techniques


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