Prenatal Pilates

Prenatal Pilates refers to Pilates exercises that are tailored for pregnant women.  Pilates is ideal for mothers before they give birth as it focuses on the pelvic floor, breathing patterns as well as core strength and flexibility.  Pilates concentrates on controlling each movement and paying attention to the breath and the whole body.

A growing baby can place significant stress on the mother’s body.  Strengthening the back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles can allow a mom to better cope with pregnancy and the birth process.  Pilates needs to be tailored to each stage of the pregnancy.

First trimester:

  • focus on neutral spine
  • strengthening oblique muscles
  • training & stabilizing pelvic floor

Second trimester:

  • avoid lying on back position; lying on side, standing up, kneeling or on all fours are more suitable
  • flexion of trunk in view of expansion of ribcage
  • breathing and releasing the body when exhaling
  • continued training of pelvic floor

Third trimester:

  • pay attention to overall exercise load and allow for rest and break
  • spine stabilization
  • stretching; hips, inner thighs, spine
  • flexibility of pelvis
  • stretching of pelvic floor
  • abdominal work; deep breathing

There are integrated clinics which provide services in acupuncture, massage therapy and Chinese medicine.  There are also a large integrated physiotherapy center and several yoga/Pilates studios which offer both pre and post natal Pilates classes.

Specific Techniques


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