Pre-Op Anxiety and Post-Op Rapid Healing

This modality assists with one's psychologic state before undergoing a major surgical procedure as well as ensuring a patient's health indicator returns to an acceptable level of normalcy prior to being discharged. Patients are not discharged following such major procedures until they are able to demonstrate that their vital signs have returned to an acceptable and safe level.

Pre-Op Anxiety:

Programme starts with a pre-talk to discover the client's concerns regarding the pending surgical procedure, whether it is a body-based or a dental-based procedure, inducing trance-level hypnosis, using suggestions to alleviate the client's concerns counteracting their own negative or unrealistic language, enforcing and re-enforcing positive suggestions, and providing them with a post-hypnotic "mental-tool" to calm themselves when they feel their heart rate rising, at any time regardless of the reason.  This last point is most important as a physician will not issue a general anaesthetic while the client's heart rate is elevated.  This mental-tool enables the client to calm his/her heart rate thereby, lessening the wait time to begin the surgical procedure.

Post-Op Rapid Healing:

Using the Pre-Op Anxiety portion of the session as a natural bridge to the Post-Op Rapid Recovery session involves the client using his/her own thoughts and expectations to manage the normally anticipated post-op conditions such as visualizing their incision knitting itself seamlessly back together as before the operation, rapid blood clotting, in fact no blood at all, return to normal bladder function, rapid discharge of any blood in the urine returning the urine to its normal colour, feeling wonderful and healthy, feeling strong and general well-being suggestions.

~written and practiced by Iolani Andrews, RN, Hypnotherapist

Specific Techniques


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