Post Partum Massage

What it is

Post Partum Massage is an important part of after pregnancy care that can help restore balance to women's bodies once they have given birth.  Hands-on treatments focus on relaxing muscles that have tightened during pregnancy or labour/birth, regulating hormones, increasing circulation, reducing anxiety/fatigue, helping your body adapt to breastfeeding, and strengthening abdominal and/or pelvic muscles that may have weakened during pregnancy.  Treatments can safely be done in any position; side lying, face down, or face up, depending on what feels most comfortable for each new mother.

Massage therapists with training in post partum care can also help optimize recovery for women who have had c-sections by speeding healing, reducing discomfort, minimizing swelling around the incision and preventing excess scar tissue from forming. 

Who It Can Help

If you are a healthy woman and have had an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth, you can begin having Post Partum Massage treatments at any time after your delivery.  If you have had any health concerns through pregnancy, check with your doctor or midwife to make sure post partum massage is safe for you.  

Submitted by Crystal Daigneault, Registered Massage Therapist

Specific Techniques


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