Polarity Therapy™

Polarity TherapyTM  is a holistic health system which brings together eastern (Indian Ayurveda and Chinese medicine) and western systems of healing.  It encompasses bodywork, nutrition, exercise, body awareness and meditation.  The underlying idea is that all energy in the body is based on electromagnetic forces.  Blocks or decreased balance of this energy flow can mean pain, stress, and disease.

Dr. Randolph Stone, a chiropractor, osteopath and naturopathic doctor studied in many fields including Ayurvedic medicine which sets out that the body’s energy is focused in 5 areas of the body.  In 1947, he advanced the notion that this life force affects the health of the whole body.   He also put forward that the polarized fields of attraction and repulsion as found in magnetic relationships was basic to health.   This is similar to the yin and yang of Chinese medicine.  Dr. Stone applied his findings and approach with many of his patients with remarkable success.

The polarity therapy approach involves the practitioner assessing the energies in a client’s body using manual touch, observation and interview with the client.  The practitioner supports the client as he or she becomes aware of sensations and changes in energy.   Polarity yoga is a set of movements and postures similar to traditional yoga but usually easier for most clients to do.  This can form part of the polarity therapy approach and provides a client with a self-help routine to balance their energies and maintain good health.   

Benefits of polarity therapy include but are not limited to:  pain relief, reduction in anxiety, strengthened immunity,  improved circulation and digestion.


Specific Techniques


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