Osho Rebalancing

"The first thing is the body, the body is your base, it is your ground, it is where you are grounded. Unless you are compassionate to your own body, you cannot be compassionate to any other body."               ~Osho

In the late 1970's in Pune, India, a group of bodywork practitioners assembled seeking a new and wholistic approach to their work. They brought with them the cream of the existing modalities (Rolfing, Postural Integration, Trager, Feldenkrais, Craniosacral Balancing and Alexander Technique). Under the guidance of an Indian mystic, Osho, they worked to blend western science with Eastern meditation practices. Osho Rebalancing was born.

Osho Rebalancing invites people to return to a space of harmony in body, mind and heart. It offers a unique synthesis of deep/superficial connective tissue massage, joint release, breathwork and body reading/awareness. Deep tissue massage releases tension in the myofascial tissues. Joint release releases toxins/tensions held in the joints. Body readings focus attention onto the unconscious attitudes/beliefs that manifest as chronic holding patterns. These holding patterns stand behind physical pain and illness. Once released, the body-mind remembers its grace, creativity and balance.

Each 90 minute session is complete unto itself. It is also possible to proceed into a 10 step protocol that integrates being/doing, left/right, upper/lower, front/back, inner/outer energy splits. (Session 1: Grounding (Legs and Feet), Session 2: Inspiration (Chest Breathing), Session 3: Reaching Out (Shoulder and Pelvic Girdles) etc.)

    The benefits of Osho Rebalancing are:

    • profound relaxation
    • freedom of movement
    • ease in acute/chronic pain patterns
    • understanding the language of your unique body-mind

    "The first love is towards yourself. The moment you accept yourself, you become beautiful." ~Osho


    Submitted by:  Coral Poser, RMT and Osho Rebalancer

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