Orthotherapy is a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to relieve muscle pains and restore the balance within the body. Orthotherapy is a combination of Swedish massage, kinesitherapy (joint mobilization), exercise therapy, postural reeducation, and nutrition. With this gentle, holistic approach it can help relieve musculoskeletal conditions caused by injuries, recurring incorrect movements, physical activity, joint stiffness, and poor posture.

Orthotherapy is based on the greek words: “Ortho” meaning the wholeness, and “Therapy” meaning to restore. It was developed by an American surgeon, Dr. Arthur Michele, in the early 1970s. This type of therapy was originally designed to be used as a preventative method to correct posture and prevent surgeries. However in 1975, Orthotherapy was then introduced in Quebec where physical therapists further developed the therapy by incorporating techniques from Europe. Since then, Orthotherapy has been used to help athletes to those recovering from an accident.

Orthotherapy focuses on incorporating muscle relaxation, stretching, joint mobilization, and complementary techniques to achieve body harmony. An Orthotherapy session will start with muscle relaxation to increase blood circulation in the body. Many times the specialist will incorporate hydrotherapy, the use of hot water, to stimulate the circulation. Once the body is relaxed, it will increase the elasticity and flexibility within the muscle and joints. Orthotherapists use gentle stretching techniques and low-level mobilizations to move the joints within the individual’s comfort zone. These stretching movements are in conjunction with the individual’s exhalation to insure the least resistance and maximum relaxation. From these exercises, Orthotherapists are able to evaluate weak areas of the body and to educate the individual on proper exercises and posture to additionally help realign the body.

A typical Orthotherapy session requires at least one hour to achieve true success in realigning and rebalancing the body. These sessions are multidisciplinary and therefore can be tailored to each individual’s needs. These sessions are aimed at providing tools for individuals to be in control of their health and to reduce their reliance on health care professionals.

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