Orthopaedic physiotherapy is a rehabilitative therapy that focuses on treating trauma or injury to the musculoskeletal system (muscles and bones of the body). The goal is to assist the individual in reducing pain and regaining function and range of motion to the damaged joint.

Orthopaedic physiotherapists treat individuals of all ages and abilities for a wide variety of conditions such as fractures, sprains, strains, repetitive injury, and post orthopaedic surgery rehabilitation.

Common conditions treated include:

Physiotherapists employ a variety of techniques including exercise therapy, manual manipulation and/or mobilization of tissues and joints, gait, and postural, balance and coordination re-training. Electrotherapy, acupuncture and ultrasound may also be offered.

An orthopaedic physiotherapy session will begin with a detailed assessment of all aspects of your injury or disability in order to develop a treatment plan that works best to help the individual monitor progress and achieve goals.

Consult a registered physiotherapist to find out how orthopaedic physiotherapy can help you.

    • Osteoarthritis
    • Arm Pain
    • Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow
    • Degenerative Disc Disease
    • Sacroiliac Joint Sprain
    • Knee and Ankle Sprains
    • Fractures
    • Rotator Cuff Injury
    • Frozen Shoulder
    • Hip and Knee Replacement Rehabilitation

Specific Techniques