Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy is a treatment technique in which an injection is made to an area of the body where there is interference to normal functioning such as scars, acupuncture points, nerve sites, or muscle trigger points.  The word ‘neural’ means of or relating to the nervous system and is taken from the Greek root word ‘neuron’ or nerve.  The basic idea is that trauma such as infection, surgery, accidents, burns, deep cuts and other types can create an “interference field”.  The cells of the area are dramatically less functional.  Nerve signals are abnormal.   Injecting an anaesthetic called procaine into this specific site stabilizes the cell membrane and enables the cells and the body to heal.

In 1925 two German brothers Walter and Ferdinand Huneke, both doctors, were treating their sister one day for a severe migraine headache attack.  She was experiencing dizziness, flashing light before her eyes, nausea and depression.  Ferdinand injected intravenously what he thought was a dose for rheumatism and while doing so her symptoms immediately disappeared.  The migraines never returned.   It turned out the remedy he had injected contained a type of anesthetic called procaine.  The Huneke brothers went on to find that when the anesthetic was injected into specific areas like scars pain can be relieved in other areas away from this site.  Dr. Albert Fleckenstein, a neurophysiologist, further showed the cells in these interference areas had abnormal electrical charges and didn’t work properly, causing the body to react improperly and create chronic pain and illness.   Restoring the cells’ condition could heal the area around them and ultimately restore the health of the body.

Naturopathic physicians offer Neural Therapy as a beneficial treatment for conditions such as:  headaches, tinnitus, sinusitis, asthma, joint pain, nerve pain, disease associated with liver and gallbladder, and whiplash.   The number of treatments varies depending on the client’s specific condition and response.

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