Muscle Therapy

Muscle Therapy generally speaking refers to health care which focuses on assisting clients with optimum muscle function and tone.   Muscles can be tight.   There can be knots or ‘trigger points’ in the body.  The connective fascia around the muscles can be restrictive.  Various techniques can be applied depending on the unique condition of the client and how they respond.

One technique is muscle energy therapy or MET in which a client contracts a muscle for a few seconds against the force of the therapist.  The movement is repeated with the objective of stretching the muscle and joint to maximum potential.  The technique can bring improved strength and mobility to the muscle.

Some other massage techniques used are:

  • Effleurage:  delicate stroking motion often used to warm up muscles
  • Deep tissue massage:  deep, slow strokes massage works the underlying tissues
  • Trigger point therapy:  massage or other methods are used to treat specifically irritable areas of the skeletal muscle
  • Muscle stripping:  deep bilateral massage of soft tissue to remove adhesions in the muscles – can be used with moist heat and ultrasound and electrical stimulation may also be used
  • Myofascial release:  gentle sustained pressure into the connective tissues or fascia

Most sessions begin with a consultation and health history as well as a discussion about the specific issues the client wants to address. The total number of sessions will depend on condition and response to therapy.

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Specific Techniques


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