Mesotherapy refers to a technique involving injections of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, homeopathics, and natural extracts into the mesoderm.   The word mesotherapy combines ‘meso’ based on the Latin word ‘medius’ meaning middle and ‘therapy’ based on the Greek word ‘therapeia’ meaning healing.  Very small, thin disposable needles are used and the focus in the middle layer of skin.  The medication is delivered as close as possible to the area of pathology.  There can be different injection techniques used.  For example, layering can be done depending on angle and needle pressure.  Often patients cannot tolerate medication because of dosage or inability to break down and excrete the medication.  Mesotherapy can offer a method to avoid such side effects or adverse indications.

The founder of mesotherapy is Dr. Michel Pistor, a family physician who studied intradermal injections and came up with a systemized way of using the technique for a variety of ailments.   In his words he described the essence of the technique:  “little, seldom, and in the right place”.  Because the medication is a slow perfusion to the site, it has a longer acting time on the problem area.   Mesotherapy has broad applications in many fields:  rheumatology, trauma, dermatology, vascular conditions, and neurology, to name a few.  It is also used in body sculpting and weight loss.  Injections are aimed at focusing on fat receptors.  The objective is to block alpha receptors (which produce fat) and stimulate beta receptors (which break down fat).

Currently, mesotherapy is being practiced across Canada in private clinics and spa settings.   Often it is a treatment modality which complements other dermatology and/or wellness services.  The Canadian School of Mesotherapy was started in 2003.  Only those with medical background can apply and be admitted into this training.

Mesotherapy services are available for the following issues:  weight loss, aging skin, cellulite elimination, and chronic pain.   Treatment time and frequency depend on the client’s individual conditions and needs.  Mesotherapy is relatively painless; potential side effects may include:  burning, swelling, soreness, or discolouration of the skin.

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