Medical Biomagnetism

Medical biomagnetism is a health therapy involving the application of magnets to rebalance the alkaline and acidity levels of the body and thereby to restore health.  Another name for the therapy is Biomagnetic Pair.  The word ‘biomagnetic’ is made up of 2 words.  ‘Bio’ is based on the Greek word ‘bios’ meaning life or living organism and ‘magnetic’ comes from the Latin word ‘magnetum’ or loadstone or magnetite which is a naturally magnetized stone which attracts iron.

Dr Isaac Goiz, a physical therapist developed biomagnetism.  The basic idea is that the body cells need a certain climate to live and carry out their functions.   This ‘climate’ is dictated by the negative and positive charges in the cells and the environment around the cells.  The pH level of the body begins of course at the cell level.  If there are distortions to the pH level, there is imbalance and disease.  Dr. Goiz discovered that there are areas on the body that are connected energetically, one is positive (acidic, more than 7 pH) and one is negative (alkaline, less than 7 pH).  Dr. Goiz has identified a number of pathologies and their corresponding biomagnetic pairs.   Unlike magnetic therapy, medical biomagnetism uses pairs of magnets of opposite charges which are applied to depolarize specific areas of the body.  The result is pH is neutralized and microorganisms are eliminated.

A typical session is 1 hour long and usually begins with a health history consultation and a body assessment.   The total number of sessions required may differ between clients depending on the health issues.

Specific Techniques


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