Manupractic™ is a deep tissue, whole-body approach to massage that combines several techniques including myofascial release, qi gong, esalen, lomi lomi and energy work.

Manupractic ™ massage differs from the classic massage therapy for relaxation, by focusing on specific problems such as muscle tension, chronic pain, postural problems, mobility problems, and injury recovery.

During a manupractic ™ session, the therapist identifies and breaks down adhesions caused by tension in muscles, ligaments and tensions. These adhesions restrict blood flow and cause pain, inflammation and decreased mobility.

Although not painful, deep tissue work can cause discomfort. There is often some stiffness for a day or two after the massage. The massage therapist may recommend icing the area following a session. It is always important to drink plenty of water following a treatment to aid in flushing waste from the muscle tissues.

For more information on manupractic ™ massage, contact a registered massage therapist in your area.

Specific Techniques


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