Lymphavision is a technique used for the drainage of lymphatic fluids in the body and is aimed at treating inflammation and improving recovery time.  The word ‘lymph’ is based on the Latin word ‘lympha’ or water.  The lymph is basically the clear fluid circulated by the lymphatic system in the body.

During the mid 1990’s a French osteopath, Laurent Pujol specialized in sports injuries and recovery.  He was particularly interested in the relationship between recovery and the flushing out of toxins by the lymphatic system.  He studied various therapies and did trials using electro-stimulation.   Pujol found that by stimulating the smooth muscle (of veins, arteries and lymphatic system) circulation was greatly increased, drainage of fluids was quicker and recovery significantly improved.  The technology was first used to treat swelling and edema after surgery as well as preventing blood clots.  Over recent years, the technique has proven effective for chronic inflammation conditions and has gained the attention of sports injury therapists.  Lymphavision is relatively new to North America.

In the treatment, electrodes are attached to the specific area(s) of concern on the body.  A mild electrical stimulus is applied through the skin.  Clients may feel a slight tingling sensation and/or small muscle twitch which indicates the stimulation is working.   Lymphovision can be beneficial for:  arthritis, bursitis, sprains that are extremely inflamed, lymphatic obstruction.

In Victoria, there are two chiropractors who use various therapy approaches and techniques with clients and who use lymphavision in their practice. 

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Specific Techniques


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