Lower Limb Assessment

A lower limb assessment is performed by orthotists and prosthetists, to provide lower limb orthotic bracing for the hip, knee, ankle and/or foot.  The assessment involves taking extensive medical history and assessing lower limb muscles and joints.  

Orthotics correct and maintain alignment, protect joints, lend stability to weak joints and immobilize body parts as necessary. 

Individuals who have suffered trauma, stroke, muscular/skeletal disorders, neurological disorders, arthritis, sports injuries and those healing from surgery may benefit from lower limb orthotics. The orthotist/prosthetists work with the patient, family, physician and physical therapist to best address each individual’s needs.

Certified orthotists and prosthetists are fully trained to design, fit and adapt orthopedic braces, prostheses and appliances to suit individual needs.

Specific Techniques


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