Light Therapy

Light Therapy uses artificial light to treat a variety of conditions including seasonal effective disorder (SAD), sleep disorders and mood disorders. Up to 3% of Canadians are affected by SAD. Symptoms can range from something as mild as lack of ambition or motivation, to severe behavior such as depression and suicidal thoughts.

Most people who suffer from SAD will respond well to light therapy. Other conditions that benefit from this treatment include:

  • Jet Lag (dysrhythmia) - after east-west air travel helps the body clock synchronize with the new time zone
  • Teens & Sleep – light therapy can assist the body in suppressing melatonin during the day, so you feel tired at bedtime
  • Shift Work – fatigue for shift workers is a recognized problem
  • Low Mood – being light-deprived can cause lack of energy and low mood, getting enough bright light can elevate mood and energy
  • Low Energy & Fatigue – helps with energy, focus and positive feelings

Light Therapy is a proven therapy for alleviating mood and sleep related disorders, especially during the fall and winter months. Typical sessions begin with 30 minutes at 10,000 LUX shortly after waking up. Times are different for everyone, so speaking with a practitioner to find your optimal time.

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