Kruger Omni Healing Technique (OTT)

The Kruger Omni Healing Technique is a therapeutic non-force chiropractic method of adjustment.

The Omni Therapeutic Technique was developed by Dr. Joshua Kruger.  OTT is a painless procedure that is suitable all ages and physical abilities including newborns and fibromyalgia patients. A session takes just 10 – 15 minutes and involves the Kruger maneuver- tractioning of the spine with simultaneous motion of lower extremities.  Additional treatment may include a gentle tapping of the skin at specific areas.  This tapping stimulates various nerves that affect the vertebral interossei muscles and assist in correcting misalignment of the vertebrae. 

A total body adjustment, OTT combines posture, extremities, the spine, cranial bones, chakras, meridians, acupuncture and emotional reflexes.  It is a quick and gentle adjustment designed to balance the body.  A body in balance functions at a higher level and healing can take place.  Symptoms disappear or at the very least are improved.

OTT is used to treat a variety of symptoms including TMJ, back and neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, posture, stress, knee problems and organ dysfunction.

Health care practitioners can offer more information on the Omni Therapeutic Technique and help you find the best therapist to care for your needs.

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