Joint Mobilization

Joint mobilization is a massage technique used to increase range of motion in an injured limb or fixated joint. Fixated joints are a product of age, bad posture and stress.  These joints can become painful and cause tension in surrounding muscles.

Joint mobilization uses a series of small, gentle stretches that move two or more bones in different directions.  Slow movement enables the practitioner to move the joint farther and stretch and massage the connective tissue in around the joint.

Joint mobilization helps relieve pain and relieve tension in areas such as the head, neck, pelvis, ribs, spine, ankles and feet.  It is a popular technique for treating sports injuries and in treating impaired mobility in the elderly and physically challenged.  It can also be very effective in treating arthritic joints.

Before a joint mobilization procedure, the massage practitioner will perform a full assessment of bone and muscle and blood and nerve supply in the area to be mobilized.  This massage therapy is safe and gentle and suitable for all ages.

For more information on joint mobilization, speak to a registered massage therapist to discuss your treatment options.

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