IV Nutrient Therapy

Intravenous or IV nutrient therapy is used by naturopathic physicians to deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream via slow injection or IV drip. Because the nutrients are absorbed directly by the cells without going through the digestive process, they are absorbed quickly and in higher concentrations than oral supplements.  When the cells are infused with nutrients, the metabolism can be “kick started,” and they   have enough energy to eliminate accumulated toxins. Short term side effects may include headache, nausea, and fatigue. 

IV nutrient therapy is especially beneficial to those with Crohn’s disease, colitis, diabetes, cancer, heavy metal toxicity, and heart disease.  It also supports those with chronic pain, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and a variety of neurological disorders. Conventional chemotherapy with IV Vitamin C therapy increases the survival rate of cancer patients and has been shown to assist in reducing tumor size.  IV nutrient therapies are also used to decrease the progression of Parkinson’s disease and lessen the symptoms.

There are many different IV nutrient therapies available to treat a wide variety of symptoms and support optimum cellular function.  Most people can tolerate IV therapy, but it is not recommended for those with high blood pressure, kidney, or heart disease.

Talk to a naturopathic physician to determine if IV nutrient therapy is right for you.

Specific Techniques


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