Home Care Services

Home care services include a broad range of services to clients to maintain their independence and residence in their own home as long as possible.   Clients may be recovering from surgery, aging, chronically ill, or disabled.  Such services can be offered through provincial government programs or through private agencies.

With an aging population, the issues of health care for seniors are significant.  Home care can offer a way to enable people to live longer at home, address the very real problem of social isolation, provide support to family caregivers, and provide a cost-effective way to increase hospital service access.

Both publicly subsidized and private pay services are available.

The B.C. Government outlines home care service which includes "assessment and case management, nursing, rehabilitation, home support and palliative care, and community based services such as adult day programs, residential care services, hospice and short stay treatment and assessment centres" . To be eligible for provincial government services there are a number of factors involved including client's citizenship, residency, age, and health conditions. Clients should apply to the local home and community care office.  

For information about these offices, contact the provincial website

Private agencies offer various services which can include:  nursing, companionship, personal care, palliative care, parent care, hospital care, short-term recovery care, transportation support, and non-medical care.    

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