Hellerwork is a system of deep tissue massage, movement education and client-practitioner dialogue.  It is based on an approach of optimally aligning and organizing the body in gravity.  A practitioner does manual bodywork to release tension in the client’s body and then helps the  client understand their usual patterns of movement and ways to improve or enhance that movement.   As well the client and practitioner carry on a dialogue throughout the process so that the client becomes aware of how emotions and beliefs can affect movement and well-being.

Hellerwork was developed by Dr. Joseph Heller, who began his career as an aero-space engineer with NASA but changed focus completely to pursue humanistic psychology in the 1970’s.  He studied with Ira Rolf who founded the system of Structural Integration.

A typical session can involve the following:  initial assessment of body structure and patterns of movement, bodywork (slow, deep masage) by practitioner where client may be asked to make slow  movements while practitioner works the fascia, and  body and mind awareness and movement education.       

The benefits of Hellerwork are broad:  improved posture, flexibility, easier movement, confidence, pain relief, stress reduction, enhanced energy.


Specific Techniques


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