Health Coaching

Health coaching is an approach to recovery and healing bases on ecidence-based skillful dialogue, interventions and strategies to actively engage clients in health behaviour change. Registered Health Coaches offer relevant health education customized to an individual's unique health needs, with an emphasis on expanding the client's capacity for committed self care.

The coaching relatonship provides encouragement to sustaiably change unhelpfu thoughts and haviours that hinder clients from realizing their full potential for healing and health. It supports them to identify and impleent health-promoting choices, practices and routines that best align with their health goals while inviting accountability. By clarifying and articulating their values, resolving ambivalence to change and accessing additional health care resources as appropriate, clients transform their goals into action in ways that allow them to effectively meet their wellness needs.

- written by Sally Ross, Registered Integrative Health Coach

Specific Techniques


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