Gunn IMS

Gunn IMS (intramuscular stimulation) is a physiotherapy system of diagnosis and treatment of soft-tissue pain. Developed in the 70’s in British Columbia, by Dr. Chan Gunn, this treatment is one of the most effective for neuropathic and myofascial pain.

Neuropathic pain occurs when a nerve is damaged or unhealthy. Even small amounts of prolonged compression to a nerve can cause it to become supersensitive. Spondylosis, disc herniation and peripheral nerve injury are common injuries which can disrupt electrical conduction and axoplasmic flow along a nerve and result in neuropathic pain.

When a physiotherapist has determined the presence of neuropathic pain, IMS treatment is used to repair the function of the nerves. IMS places fine acupuncture needles into the affected muscles made tight by the unhealthy nerve. In a healthy muscle, the client will feel nothing. In a muscle with a supersensitive nerve, the muscle will “grab” the needle and cause a cramping sensation. Three things then happen: the stretcher receptor in the muscle is stimulated resulting in an immediate reflex reaction in the muscle. Second, the needle causes a tiny trauma to the muscle resulting in increased blood flow and healing to the muscle. Thirdly, the treatment causes electrical current and axoplasm to flow to the nerve bringing the trophic factor to help it heal. The result is decreased joint pain, increased range of motion, and reduction in muscle, skin and joint pain.

Neuropathic disorders that benefit from IMS treatment include TMJ, arthritis, neck/back pain, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, bursitis, scoliosis, headaches, whiplash, and more.

Treatments are typically once a week and research has shown that the average number of treatments required is 8. If the pain is recent, fewer treatments may be required. Some patients have remained pain-free for over 20 years after IMS treatment. Gunn IMS is suitable for all ages.

If you are dealing with chronic neuropathic pain, discuss Gunn IMS treatment with your physiotherapist. Registered physiotherapists in your area are qualified in this exceptional treatment technique.

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