Floatation Therapy

Flotation Therapy is a quick and effective way of achieving deep relaxation and stress relief. A specifically equipped floatation tank contains a saturated Epsom salt solution that supports the body afloat, producing results similar to zero gravity. Water temperature is exactly the same as body temperature, and light, sound and extraneous stimuli are blocked out.

As the burden of gravity is removed, the body is able to fully relax. Without external stimuli, the left hemisphere (or analytical half of the brain) quiets down and allows the right hemisphere (intuitive side) to generate low frequency range theta brain waves. This allows you to experience a deep, meditative state, stimulating endorphin release, and giving you a feeling of harmony and deep peace.

Scientific studies have shown that one-hour of floating equals up to four hours of sleep.

    Some of the many benefits of Floatation Therapy include:

    • Chronic pain relief
    • Stress relief
    • Anxiety and depression reduction
    • Relaxation
    • Sleep deprivation relief
    • Physical endurance
    • Injury recovery
    • Inflammation reduction/detoxification

    For more information on Float Therapy, contact a Float Therapy Specialist in your area.

Specific Techniques


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