FirstLine Therapy®

FirstLine Therapy® is a lifestyle program designed for a client and supervised by a practitioner that includes assessment of body composition, guidance in nutrition; supplements and exercise program, as well as coaching in stress reduction and other issues. In essence, the program is enabling clients to live a "therapeutic lifestyle"1

The founder of FirstLine Therapy® is Mike Katke who co-founded in 1983 Metagenics, a company which promotes optimum health through nutrition and supplement products and nutritional programs.  Katke has been involved in marketing materials and products as well as designing educational programs to help doctors implement the science of nutrition into their practices.

FirstLine Therapy® is based on scientific research and clinical studies which have shown that many chronic diseases and health conditions can be treated or prevented with a healthy lifestyle. Initially a body composition assessment called a BIA, Bioelectric impedance analysis, is done. This test provides details on body composition, fat and muscle ratio, basal metabolic rate and cellular hydration. Then a specific individualized program is designed for the client which will include goal setting, diet and supplement guidance, exercise program, counselling, and follow up testing.

Several integrated health centres which offer FirstLine Therapy® as part of various services.  The program is key in dealing or preventing: obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, osteoporosis. It is also of benefit to the following conditions:  imbalance with hormones, chronic fatigue, poor mental clarity, conditions linked to stress.  The program is usually 12 weeks in duration.


Specific Techniques


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