Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise rehabilitation is a significant part of any physiotherapy program.

For individuals recovering from injury or orthopaedic surgery, physiotherapists offer effective rehabilitation with the goal of getting you out of pain and back to exercise and pre-injury levels as quickly as possible.

    Exercise rehabilitation targets of a wide variety of issues that lead to pain and injury, including treatment for:

    • Muscle Activation
    • Muscle Conditioning
    • Flexibility/Stretching
    • Core Stability
    • Postural Correction
    • Cardiovascular Fitness
    • Balance Exercises (Proprioception)
    • Movement Pattern Re-education

    Other benefits of exercise rehabilitation include improved cardiovascular health, bone density, immune functioning, weight loss, and improved general health and physical appearance.

      Under the care of a physiotherapist, treatment of chronic pain and musculoskeletal conditions will typically follow ten basic rules of exercise rehabilitation:

      • No pain allowed
      • Correct posture
      • Pay attention to sensory input
      • Breath normally
      • Pre-activate target muscle groups
      • Good form rather than high repetitions
      • Controlled movement
      • Progress slowly
      • Vary exercises
      • Exercise regularly

      For more information on exercise rehabilitation in British Columbia, physiotherapists are experts in the use of exercise to treat and prevent injuries and disorders and assist in post-operative rehabilitation. They will assess your individual rehabilitation needs and design an exercise program to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.