Energy Medicine

Energy medicine refers to any complementary health approach which involves restoring the energy of the body and thus bringing about wellness and includes various techniques including acupuncture, qi gong, yoga, kinesiology, Reiki, and crystal healing.  The basic concept is that there is an energy force within the body that can become weakened or imbalanced.  This can lead to a variety of physical conditions.   Manipulating this biofield can mean restoring balance in the body organs and systems.  Energy medicine is a putative medicine, meaning, it is subtle energy which cannot be measured using traditional biophysical means such as measureable wavelengths or vibrations.

According to the U.S. National Institute of Health, energy medicine is seen as a branch of complementary and alternative medicine.  It is one of 5 categories, the other 4 categories being:  whole medical systems (eg. naturopathic medicine), mind-body medicine such as biofeedback, practices that are biologically based such as herbology, and manipulative practices such as massage. 

A typical session would begin with a one-to-one interview to do a personal health history and overview of the specific issues of concern.  A client’s energy field will be assessed.  The type of treatment(s) will be based on the specific needs of the are health practitioners that include energy medicine, such as electro-crystal balancing and Jin Shin Do (acupressure),in their treatment approaches.  Others use myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, total body modification, therapeutic touchTM and Reiki in addition to energy medicine.

Specific Techniques


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