Drop-Table Adjustment

A drop table is a chiropractic technique that uses a specialized table to perform adjustments.  The table has several sections that can be raised 1 to 2 inches depending on which area of the body is to be adjusted.  The area of the drop table that is raised usually corresponds to the area of the spine to be adjusted.  After the table is raised, it is locked into position and the table tension is adjusted for the patient’s body weight.  When pressure is applied to the body or the table, the table releases quickly, causing the body to drop as well.  As the table stops dropping, the momentum of the body continues briefly.  At this point the adjustment occurs.

The drop table is typically used for many lower back problems including sciatica, disc injuries and herniation.  It may also be used to adjust the mid back and neck. 

The drop table is an alternative for those with acute lower back injury, muscle spasms, the elderly or those who find it difficult to relax for the “popping” sound of traditional adjustment.

Specific Techniques


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