Digital Motion Xray Analysis

Digital motion x-ray analysis (DMX) is a diagnostic tool used by chiropractors to provide a full-range diagnostic evaluation of the spine. DMX differs from static x-ray as it produces a motion picture of the internal structures of the inside of the body. These images are used to detect and evaluate structural or functional abnormalities.  They can also diagnose more serious problems such as tumors, infections and spinal fractures that require immediate medical care. DMX images can be displayed on a video monitor and evaluated by the practitioner and/or computer analysis software.

DMX is a powerful diagnostic tool for those suffering neck injuries from car accidents, sports injuries, chronic pain, joint pain, TMJ pain, back pain and many other signs and symptoms of injury.  Chiropractors provide digital motion x-ray analysis to those seeking a diagnosis for pain and limited motion.

Specific Techniques


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