Detox or detoxification is the removal of toxins or poisons from the body.  It is based on the Latin root “toxicum’ or poison.  With the onslaught of processed foods, use of chemicals and additives in food, as well as prevalence of chemical and pollutants in our environment, there has been heightened interest in cleansing the body and optimizing health.

In terms of detoxification, there are various approaches including detox diets, colon cleansing and chelation therapy:

Detoxification Wraps or Body Scrubs- A typical session can last from 45 minutes to 1 ½  hours depending on the detoxification method.    Skin is usually exfoliated before application of a body wrap or body scrub.  Combined with massage the wrap can be limited to specific areas of the body such as stomach, thighs or hips where cellulite, fatty tissue or retention of water is of concern to the client.  Or body scrubs or wraps can focus on revitalizing the skin and optimizing health.  Essential oils or plant and herbal extracts are typically used in these treatments.

Detoxification  Diet - Nowadays there are various body cleanse or detox products on the market available to consumers.  It can be more productive for the client to undergo a body cleanse program under the supervision of a health practitioner who can monitor results, provide information about products being used & possible side effects, and assist with other therapies to support the detox process.    

Infrared Sauna - Unlike a traditional sauna, the infrared sauna is more moderate in temperature (120 to 150 degrees) and the infrared waves heat the body directly.  Body temperature is increased which causes sweating and releasing of toxins.  Also the infrared sauna penetrates at a deeper level to the body to encourage deeper detoxification.  Additional benefits include:  stress reduction, improved circulation & heart function, lowering of blood pressure, reduction in joint and muscle pain, weight loss.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy - The goal is to stimulate the body’s immune system.  Alternating hot and cold packs are placed on the upper torso and the client is wrapped in a sheet and blankets.  Gentle electronic muscle stimulation is then applied to the back and stomach with the objective of promoting circulation and increased blood flow through the organs of elimination.

Colon cleanse / hydrotherapy - Warm filtered water is gently introduced into the colon or large intestine to stimulate the body’s own perstaltic rhythm.  It is a preventative measure for toxicity of the bowel.  The inflow of the small amount of water and the release of waste are repeated.  Benefits include:  improved bowel muscle tone, improved elimination ability, prevention of chronic constipation, improved energy.

Chelation Therapy - Chelation is a procedure which has been in use for 50 years for detoxifying the body of heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and mercury.  Chelating agents grab onto, or bind, with the metals and excrete them from the tissues of the body.  There is growing use of chelation therapy as a beneficial treatment in cases of atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease.  Chelation therapy is a process where a solution of DMSA or EDTA (calcium disodium )  is given to the body.  These chelating agents may be given orally, rectally or intravenously.  The program is designed to the individual case and is based on their physical state, toxicity levels and other factors.

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